[MoTAP] monuments of trash art project

Monuments of Trash Art Project [MoTAP] is my ongoing artistic endeavor to raise awareness of plastic pollution with art. MoTAP art constructs monuments with community participation, seeks alternatives to plastic packaging, and attempts to make reduce, reuse, recycle appealing and fun.

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Toy Totem


Toy Totem Plaque


Plastic Obelisk


Plastic Pyramid


Mexi-Minne Marlin


Laysan Albatross


"MoTAP Turtle" canvas on stretcher with MoTAP recycling bin frame


"MoTAP Shark" recycling bin with canvas


"MoTAP Albatross" recycing bin canvas


MoTAP reusuable hand-painted jars (Greek art history series)


Comedy and Tragedy: Coloring with Trump


Octopus's Garden


Plastic Surf