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Comedy and Tragedy: Coloring with Trump

As we all know, Donald Trump likes to tweet. Deciphering Donald Trump's words can be funny and/or aggravating. Comedy and Tragedy: Coloring with Trump is an opportunity for you to" tweet" what you hear Trump saying. You are invited to "steal" the images above (click on image and drag to your desktop), print them, and color them.

To participate in a larger Coloring with Trump art experiment, email your Trump colorings to Trump Colorings will be posted to Monuments of Trash Art Project (MoTAP) Facebook page-- like the page to follow the experiment. If you have ideas for this art experiment, email If you would like 12"x12" artist prints of Comedy and Tragedy, email This art experiement is intended to be shared, please invite your freinds to Color with Trump.


Steal it! (Artist prints are $10 each, $15 for a set. Discounts for larger runs available.)